The golf field at the Bucharest Diplomatic Club has been inaugurated in 1923 and has permanently functioned as a private club since then. Ever since the beginning of the Golf Club, both its members and occasional clients have discovered the joys and relaxation that the natural environment of the Herastrau Park offers to golfers from all over the world. This is the reason why this particular golf field has offered and keeps on offering an exceptional sports ambient from the very first hit. Golfers and members of other golf clubs are welcome to visit our field during the whole week. If you would like to see the field, our team will be happy to welcome and guide you.

The golf field inside the present Diplomatic Club, one of the most select clubs in Bucharest, has an old history.

In 1923, the mayor of Bucharest, Dem. I. Dobrescu (also known as the “pickax mayor”), who used to say “I made a new city from an ancient trash”, offered the colonel Greble E.St.J. Junior, to Alexandru Marghiloman and other entrepreneurs he was associated with, a huge field. The field was swampy, situated in the north side of the capital and had an area of 45 hectars. The only condition the mayor imposed on his associated, was for them to clean the field and plant 22.000 trees.

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