In the month of March, the seventh day of 1922, two representatives of Avantgarde will change the aspect of North Bucharest for ever, Colonel St.E. Greble Junior and sir Alexandru Marghiloman will set the foundations for Băneasa Country Club. Between the other 143 founders we can also mention Max Ausschmidt, C. Argetoianu, general Anderson, Basarab Brâncoveanu, principe Jean Calimache, principe Cantacuzin, Barbu Catargiu, principe A.D. Ghica, principe Barbu Știrbey, baron Starcea and many others. Side by side they will set the foundation of the biggest Country Club in that time.

The central villa, built by the famous architect Ion Mincu, also hosted the headquarters of the nautical and polo club, while the pool and large fields for tennis, golf and polo attracted the socialites from all over Europe.

Later, the club will host the Diplomat Restaurant, the place where people from all over Bucharest could serve lunch and enjoy the superb view of the Herăstrău Park, then went back to the city by evening or continued their walk by foot, between the shadowed and cool alleyways of the park. Only a few know that the present park has been built by the members of the Diplomatic Club and offered to the public .

Almost 100 years later, our wish is to keep the atmosphere of the place, but also offer it a modern touch, so we have gathered spectacular recipes from all over the world, which we reinterpreted in a contemporary fashion and added a wine cellar to make sure that our guest’s experience is the best in town, every single time.

The Diplomat Restaurant is one of the reference luxury restaurants of Bucharest and it has become the most distinctive social marker in its group for the fashionable world of Bucharest, ever since its beginning. Even today, it is one of the few restaurants with the most spectacular ambience in Bucharest and if we think about the terrace outside view, it can charm anyone.