As suggested by its name, the Nicolae Grigorescu saloon was named after the well-known Romanian painter. The saloon impresses through its classic art pieces and a special type of elegance.
With a capacity of 90 guests sitting (places at the table) or 200 guests standing, it is the perfect venue for smaller events. It has hosted elegant breakfasts and dinners for Romanian and foreign officials, end of the year parties, anniversary parties, but also smaller weddings and baptism parties.
The event hall Nicolae Grigorescu is a part of the top most important event venues in Bucharest, addressing actual needs of its clients, in a setting of timeless beauty.

Our impeccable services are the ones that differentiate us in the event planning and hospitality industry.
Our dedication to the events we are hosting is obvious in each member of our staff, from our event planners to our waiters, while our approach is constantly gracious and intelligent, giving you invaluable assistance in the event planning.
Most of our team members have been working in the Bucharest Diplomatic Club for many years, offering familiarity, but also a natural continuity to all your recurring events (like business meetings).
The venue’s Conference Manager will be like a member of your own team, paying close attention to your needs and request, so that you and your guests can be rewarded with personalized care.

Our event planning and design team is considering all the aspects of an event, from the table arrangements to the light setup, from the clothing of your staff to the bathroom facilities – all in the attempt to perfect our guests experience.
The power, dedication and experience of our team, always present at the place of the event, will be able to cover all the organization areas of your event.